Dr. Susan Howard-Perry is licensed in Missouri as a qualified mental health professional.   She has an established practice with an excellent reputation for providing quality psychological services to a wide range of clients.  

Susan Howard-Perry Consulting Services, LLC

Her professional achievements include:

  • Provided commentary and analysis for Lifetime series “Killer Kids”
  • Provide commentary and analysis of mental health issues for local news station
  • Development and implementation of curriculum for specialized mental health units within maximum security prisons and jail facilities
  • Chief of Mental Health Services treating severely mentally ill male and female inmates within a maximum security prison
  • Military Family Life Consultant for military personnel and their spouses
  • Court Monitor for the Drug Court providing services to individuals with co-occurring disorders
  • Counseling individuals, families and children who are in crisis or those who require development of positive coping skills to manage mental health symptoms
  • Adjunct Professor teaching Human Sexuality and Psychopathology
  • Provide Suicide Prevention and Intervention training to Missouri Department of Corrections staff
  • Provide analysis for for local law enforcement
  • Assessment and diagnosis of mental health issues

Psychology is a part of every day life whether people recognize it or not - perception, persuasion, and motivation create an environment that either allows individuals to flourish or flounder. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your business or personal needs.